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Item 1 : ‘O’ Sexy leopard lingerie
SGD 38.90
Item 2: ‘O’ Cosplay Nurse Suit
SGD 55.90

Item 3 : ‘O’ Sexy lingerie I
SGD 42.90

Item 4 : ‘O’ Sexy lingerie II
SGD 42.90

Item 5 : ‘O’ Sexy lingerie III
SGD 25.90

Item 6 : ‘O’ Sexy lingerie IV
SGD 45.90

Item 7 : ‘O’ Sexy lingerie V (excluding gloves)
SGD 25.90

Item 8 : ‘O’ Sexy lingerie VI
SGD 29.90
Item 9 : ‘O’ Sexy lingerie VII
SGD 29.90

Item 10 : ‘O’ Sexy lingerie VIII
SGD 32.90

Item 11 : ‘O’ Sexy lingerie IX
SGD 39.90

Item 12 : ‘O’ My G-Vibrator
SGD 59.90

Item 13 : ‘O‘ My Vibrator I
SGD 47.90
Item 14 : ‘O‘ My Vibrator II
SGD 42.90

Item 15: ‘O’ My G-Spot Vibrator
SGD 49.90

Item 16 : Maria Ozawa 3D Fleshlight
SGD 138.90

Item 17 : ‘O‘ My Vibrator III
SGD 45.90

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Its Aug Time


It is the bean-shaped, spongy tissue of the paraurethral gland, which is analogous to the male prostate. The actual area is only about the size of a quarter, but it feels rougher to the touch than the surrounding tissue. Because the G-spot is composed of erectile tissue, it swells up when blood rushes to it -- especially if you learn how to master the woman's G-spot effectively.

It is located about one to two inches back from the vaginal opening inside the front vaginal wall. The "front" wall is the wall of the vagina on the same side as her belly button.

First of all, the G-spot is easiest to locate when a woman is sexually aroused, so don't stint on your foreplay first.

To locate and master the woman's G-spot, face your partner while she is lying on her back and insert your index or long middle finger into her vagina as far as it will easily go. Then crook it up toward yourself in a "come hither" motion, sliding your fingertip along the top of the vagina until you find an area that is rougher than the rest of that vaginal wall. (Make sure you have your fingernails clipped short and buffed before you do this -- sharp fingernails will definitely spoil the effort.) This rough or slightly ridged area is the "G-spot," and touching it will often cause a woman to react with surprise or pleasure.

If you don't get a reaction, here's what you do to really master the woman's G-spot

If you don't get a reaction, don't be too shy to ask her if she feels especially sensitive when you touch what you think is the spot. You may need to use a fair amount of pressure to find the G-spot because it is located within, not on the outside of, the vaginal wall.

Sometimes it helps to use your other hand on the outside of the mons pubis (the hairy area above the pubic bone) to lightly massage the skin in the area where your crooked finger is touching to intensify the effect. And since not all women are G-spot sensitive, don't get discouraged if you can't get a special reaction.

While some women are capable of multiple orgasms with repetitive stimulation of the G-spot, others don't get much of a feeling and some even feel discomfort from G-spot stimulation.

No worries -- every woman will appreciate the attention and the effort! And while searching, you might discover other areas in her vagina that she responds to even more enthusiastically.


The male G-spot isn’t all that difficult to find, but it does require a little patience. Lying on your back is generally considered to be the most comfortable position for this, so you’ll probably want to make use of the bed or perhaps a large sofa. The process will be easiest with your legs elevated, which you can do by simply leaning your legs against the wall behind the bed or draping them over the back of the sofa. If you’re still having difficulty reaching the perineum from this position, you can lift your backside further by sliding a pillow or two under your bum.

Once you’ve made yourself as comfortable as possible, start by gently massaging the area surrounding your anus. Most men enjoy having their taint (also known as the perineum) stimulated, and that can certainly be incorporated into this process. Use the soft pad of your index finger while exploring, and be gentle. As you relax further, lube your finger up and let it gently brush across the surface of your anus. Repeat this move several times, each time increasing the pressure slightly. When you’re comfortable enough to begin probing, you should keep things slow and gentle, taking care to relax your sphincter during the process. Once you’ve come in contact with the male G-spot, you’ll recognize it as a small, chestnut-sized bump situated approximately two inches inward.

The first step in stimulating the male G-spot is making oneself comfortable. Bathing beforehand can put a man more at ease with the process, so we recommend starting out with a nice hot shower. If you’d like to take that one step further, enemas are not at all uncommon and you may choose to add this to your regimen. Once you’re ready for stimulation, there are a number of methods you can utilize, though we recommend keeping it simple if you’re a novice; a finger will be sufficient for beginners. Regardless, you’ll want a good supply of lubrication on hand, and you’ll want the type specifically created for anal play.

It will take some experimentation to discover what works best for you in terms of stimulation. Return to one of the positions we mentioned earlier (lying on your back with your legs and backside elevated) and repeat the steps you used to located the prostate. As you prepare to stimulate your G-spot, keep in mind that techniques vary greatly. Some men enjoy gentle thrusting movements, and some prefer intense, constant pressure on the prostate itself. You might prefer a mix of the two or something entirely different. The key is to give your body the chance to react and respond; take your time, the orgasm is worth it. It’s also important to note that you may not find any of these methods pleasurable during the first exploration, and that’s perfectly normal; you can always try again in the future.

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July's Sharing


Who does it?

People of all ages masturbate and it’s often the first sexual experience we have. When we go through puberty we generally start thinking about and experimenting with sex and sexual relationships, and masturbation can be part of this process of learning more about sex. It's part of the body's way of getting ready for sex.

Masturbation is completely natural, normal, and a good way of getting to know your body. Some people think that masturbation is just for the boys, but it is actually something that both men and women do.

How do you do it?

There is no right or wrong way to masturbate and it doesn’t matter how often you do it either. It’s also ok if you are not interested in masturbating; some people prefer to share sexual pleasure with a partner.

Is it bad for you?

People often make jokes about masturbation and it can be something that people feel embarrassed and worried about. It’s also common for people to worry that masturbating could be bad for your health, and it’s really important to know that this is not true. Masturbation is harmless and causes absolutely no mental or physical damage, and is not something you need to feel guilty or ashamed about.

In fact because masturbation helps you to get to know your own body, explore fantasies and release tension, it may help you feel more confident and comfortable when you do have a sexual relationship. It can also give you the opportunity to explore using lube and sex toys, and can be a good time for men to practice using condoms.


Having sex is not always straight forward, and many people will experience difficulty with sex at some point in their lives. Whatever the problem is it will probably help to talk it over with your partner, as they’ll be affected too. In some cases it can also be helpful to get further help from a doctor or a counsellor.


There are not many men who can claim to always get, and keep, a rock solid erection. Erections can be hard to get or maintain for a variety of reasons, and tiredness, anxiety, stress, or too many drinks are often the main culprits. If this has happened to you, try to remember that this doesn’t mean that it is going to happen again. If you are finding it an ongoing problem, then you might find it helpful to talk to a doctor to check there is no physical cause.

Too soon

Another problem most men experience at some point in their sex lives is ejaculating (coming) more quickly than they or their partner would like. This is known as premature ejaculation and is quite common with younger men. It is often be caused by feeling anxious, or feeling very sexually excited. Premature ejaculation may become less of a problem once you feel more comfortable and confident having sex, and lots of men also find self-help techniques useful.


Some women find that having penetrative sex can be painful, and there can be a number of different causes for this. One cause is having sex before you feel properly aroused or lubricated, so making sure that there has been plenty of foreplay and/or using extra lubricant can often help. If penetration is completely impossible because of pain this could be caused by a condition called vaginismus, which may have physical or psychological causes. If you are finding sex painful, or experiencing bleeding during or after sex, it is important to speak to a doctor as these could be signs of an infection.

Not in the mood

You might have times in your life when you are less interested in sex than you would like to be. It’s normal for your sexual appetite to change over time, and it can be affected by all sorts of things, such as stress, diet and medication. If you have lost interest in sex, don’t panic, it doesn’t mean that you’ll never want to have sex again.

Sometimes you can become less interested in sex because it’s all got a bit boring in the bedroom, so it may just be a matter of exploring new things or fantasies with your partner. However, if the problem persists, it could be helpful to speak to a doctor, as there may be a physical or psychological cause (such as depression) which s/he can help you with.

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To experience orgasm for the first time: For many people, especially women, who never or rarely experience orgasm, vibration can be the fastest and easiest way to discover their orgasmic potential.

Curiosity:Sexual curiosity is healthy; wanting to try a vibrator is reason enough to try one.

Pressure:This is NOT a good reason to use toys, but it’s why some people do. Whether your partner is well meaning or not, if you’re being pressured to try using a vibrator it won’t work, and it shows a lack of respect of your boundaries. Vibrators are ultimately about feeling pleasure, and you can’t force someone to experience pleasure, because experiencing pleasure is in some ways an expression of free will. Everyone has the right to say no to using a vibrator, just as we all have the right to say no to any kind of sex play at any time.


Firstly, some packaging will be shipped with a cardboard tube inside of the canal. You need to remove this as it could be quite painful if you slip into it expecting soft goodness and hitting this hard piece of cardboard instead.

Next, is optional but i strongly recommend. You need to heat up your Fleshlight. I would suggest the best way to heat up the Fleshlight is to fill up the bathroom sink with piping hot water, I then submerge the Fleshlight in the water.

Whatever you do, do NOT put your Fleshlight in the microwave or into boiling water, you will most likely destroy your Fleshlight.

After it’s all heated up you just need to lube yourself and your Fleshlight up and you are good to go. Make sure you use a water based lubricant.

The common way : You can do it the manual way, just like normal masturbation where you hold the Fleshlight in your hand and masturbate that way.

After you are all done it’s time to clean up. I find the best way to clean the Fleshlight is to just run warm water through it until any of your deposits are removed. I usually run water through the canal for at least a minute or two in each direction. Do NOT use any soap as you could damage your Fleshlight. If you want to do a deeper cleaning than just plain water you can use a little isoproply alcohol. After you are done washing your Fleshlight you need to make sure you dry it out. To dry, first shake out as much water as possible and then place the Fleshlight in a well ventilated place.

Item no 1 : ‘O’ Deep Throat Cut (For Him)

Price : SGD 79.90

Item no 2 : ‘O’ Fleshlight (From Japan) (For Him)

Price : SGD 110.00

Item no 3 : ‘O’ Blow Job Masturbator (From USA) (For Him)

Price : SGD 89.90

Item no 4 : ‘O’ Sexy Wear I (For Him)

Price : SGD 29.90

Item no 5 : ‘O’ Sexy Wear II (For Him)

Price : SGD 29.90

Item no 6 : ‘O’ G-Spot Vibrator I (From Japan)(For Her)

Price : SGD 179.90

Item no 7 : ‘O’ G-Spot Vibrator II (From Japan)(For Her)

Price : SGD 119.90

Item no 8 : ‘O’ Triple sensation (From Japan)(For Her)

Price : SGD 169.90

Item no 9: ‘O’ Nano bullet (From Japan) (For Her)

Price : SGD 49.90

Item no 10: ‘O’ Sexy Lingerie I (For Her)

Price : SGD 33.90

Item no 11: ‘O’ Sexy Lingerie II (For Her)

Price : SGD 33.90

Item no 12: ‘O’ Sexy Lingerie III (For Her)

Price : SGD 33.90

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