March Extravaganza

Myth: Sex toys are only for people who have a bad sex life, or no sex life:

Sex Toy Fact: Research on vibrator use suggests that people who are having sex use sex toys more than those who aren’t, and that between 20-30% of people have used sex toys at least once in their lives. Sex toys aren’t a support or a solution; they are an addition to sexual needs.

Item No 1: ‘O’ G-Spot Vibrator (For Women)

Price: S$29.90

Item 2: ‘O’ Mens Masturbator (For Men)

Price : S$65.90

Item 3 : ‘O’ Fleshlight (For Men)

Price : S$59.90

Item 4 : ‘O’ Fleshlight (From Japan) (For Men)

Price : S$79.90

Item 5 : ‘O’ Fleshlight II (For Men)

Price : S$69.90

Item 6 : ‘O’ Extend Me (Penis Extension) (For Men)

Price : S$19.90

Item 7 : ‘O’Vibrate Me (For Women)

Price : S$20.90

Item 8 : ‘O’ Vibrator (For Women)

Price : S$39.90

Item 9 : ‘O’ Bullet Vibrator (For Women)

Price : S$25.90

Item 10 : ‘O’ Hearty Vibrator (For Women)

Price : S$35.90

Item 11 : ‘O’ Egg Vibrator (For Women)

Price : S$19.90

Item 12 : ‘O’ School Girl Costume

Price : S$39.90

Item 13 : ‘O’ Sexy Lingerie I

Price : S$30.90

Item 14 : ‘O’ Sexy Lingerie II

Price : S$29.90

Item 15 : ‘O’ Sexy Lingerie III

Price : S$29.90

Item 16 : ‘O’ Sexy Lingerie IV

Price : S$29.90

Item 17: ‘O’ Sexy Bikini

Price : S$29.90